The Industry Research Committee officially kicked off in March 2016 with the goal of providing member value through analytics, statistics and data trend analysis. The first action item was to understand and administer the Tank and Valve report. One main objective that was completed and implemented in January of 2017 was to enhance the intrinsic value of the report by making it digital and interactive. 

The committee identified a new provider that was able to provide the full tank and valve history in a digital format. The next item to tackle will be to understand the make-up of the WQA membership and evaluate additional reports that members would find value in and will continue to push this forward through 2017 and beyond.

Committee Charges: 

  1. Advises staff on developing and executing collection and analysis of relevant industry statistics and trends
  2. Reviews results of the statistics and trends and provides recommendations to responding to key findings
  3. Provides semi-annual reports to the Board of Governors

What We Are Looking For: 

  • An understanding of what industry research, data and tracking the water treatment industry generally lacks
  • Experience in having commissioned or conducted market studies, not a requirement
  • Representatives from all treatment technology types (filter, RO, softeners, etc)
  • Representatives from all business sectors (sell direct to consumers or through retail channels)
  • Representatives from different geographical interests (domestic vs. international)

Frequency of Meetings: TBD

Staff Liaison: Technical Affairs Director Eric Yeggy

Industry Research Committee Roster
Name Role Company
Susan K. McKnight, CWS Chairperson Quality Flow, Inc.
Robert Missman
Vice Chairperson Access Business Group LLC
Cedella Beazley
BOD Liaison Dow Water & Process Solutions
Sean P. Caughron
Member Chester Paul Company
Edward Flory
Member Culligan International Company
Gary L. Hatch
Hatch Global Consulting Services
William Laidlaw
Member Minnesota Rubber & Plastics
Jonathan H. Maurer
Member Universal Adsorbent Inc.
Jonathan McDonald
Brita Products Co., A Clorox Services Company
Sterling McNeill
Member Parker Hannifin Corporation
Shawn Pan
Member A.O. Smith Corporation
David Averbeck 
Observer A.O. Smith Corporation
Tina Donda, MWS
Observer International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO)
Regu P. Regunathan Observer ReguNathan & Associates
Tim Reski
Observer Minnesota Rubber & Plastics
Stephen Ver Strat
Observer Amway
Eric Yeggy Staff Liaison
Water Quality Association