The Water Sciences Committee contributes to the development of key informational documents that the association uses to inform members, regulatory officials and the public such as:

Getting Smart with Reverse Osmosis Systems;
Getting Smart with Softeners & Reverse Osmosis Systems;
Updates to the WQA Glossary of Terms;
Technical Fact Sheets for members; and 
Other technical documents.

The Water Sciences Committee helps to guide and provide input on research projects which are funded through the WQA, or funded through the Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF). For example through the WQRF Septic Study, which was performed by Virginia Tech, we were able to demonstrate that sending regeneration waste from an efficiently operated softener to a septic system actually improves performance of the septic system. 

Committee Charges: 

  1. Manages the technical and scientific tasks of WQA.
  2. Works with the Government Affairs Committees to reach consensus on technical issues that emerge from regulatory or legislative actions.
  3. Provides advice to the Water Quality Research Foundation.
  4. Provides semi-annual reports to the Board of Directors.

What We Are Looking For: 

  • Product engineers and design experts
  • Water treatment dealers experienced in dealing with local water quality issues
  • Other professionals with an understanding of the technical and scientific challenges faced by our industry.

    This committee seeks expertise covering all the various treatment technologies (e.g., filtration, RO, softeners, UV, etc.) and expertise covering all market sectors (commercial, industrial, residential). A working knowledge of regulatory and code requirements will be useful since this committee may be asked to work in close collaboration with the WQA Government & Regulatory Affairs department on legislative issues. A passion for keeping up with the latest research, and even advancing that research, is important since this committee supports most of the WQA and WQRF research activities. Key skills for members of this committee include problem solving, technical writing, and long term thinking grounded with a sound understanding of the business and economic needs of our industry.

Staff Liaison: Technical Affairs Director Eric Yeggy

Water Science Committee Roster
Name Role Company
Rebecca Tallon  Chairperson A.O. Smith Corporation
Andrew Fenwick  Vice Chairperson Multipure International
Frank Brigano  BOD Liaison KX Technologies LLC
Thomas Condon  Member DS Services of America, Inc.
Richard Cook Member Culligan International Company
Chris Gallagher  Member Applied Water Solutions, Inc.
Gary Hatch  Member Hatch Global Consulting Services
John Keener  Member Toledo Water Conditioning
Jayme Kolarik  Member Pentair Water Purification
William Laidlaw  Member Minnesota Rubber & Plastics
Charles Michaud Member Systematix Co.
Arvind Patil  Member Ricura Water Technology, LLC
Mark Unger  Member Paragon Water Systems
Rick Andrew  Observer NSF International
David Averbeck  Observer A.O. Smith Corporation
Mark Brotman  Observer Kinetico Incorporated
Serena Cagnoni  Observer Laica
Lih Fang Chew  Observer Minnesota Rubber & Plastics
Edward Flory  Observer Culligan International Company
John Griesbach  Observer Diamond H2O Water Conditioning Griesbach Corporation
George Iliopoulos  Observer  Culligan International Company
Andrew Lombardo  Observer AquaGuidance, Inc.
Jonathan McDonald  Observer Brita Products Co. (The) A Clorox Services Company
Robert Missman Observer Amway
Thomas Palkon Observer IAPMO R & T
Robert Prentice  Observer Pelican Water Systems
Regu Regunathan Observer ReguNathan & Associates
Tim Reski  Observer Minnesota Rubber & Plastics
Knut Sauerbier  Observer Brita GmbH
William Siegmund  Observer Pure Water Works, Inc.
Ryan Sowa Observer Great Lakes International, Inc.
Bart Van Stekelenburg  Observer Juturna S.A.
Shawn Talley  Observer Pentair Water Purification
Vikas Thusoo  Observer Envirogard Products, Limited
Elissa Valentine  Observer NSF International
Joseph Wolff  Observer Elkay
Kevin Wong Observer Canadian Water Quality Association
Bryanna Behning  Staff Admin Water Quality Association
Eric J. Yeggy Staff Liaison Water Quality Association