The Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) is a universally recognized, independent research organization. Over the years, WQRF has conducted 20 research studies and initiatives for the benefit of WQA members, the industry at large and the consuming public. As we look to the future of our organization, we are focused on strengthening relations with the water treatment industry through an enhanced program of providing more timely and effective support for research projects that will directly impact WQA members as well as the public at large.


In 2017, the WQRF is seeking research proposals that will benefit the water treatment industry and support one of the following WQRF research agenda topics: Final Barrier and Emerging Contaminants.

Final Barrier
Investigate point of use and whole house devices as a means for sustainable treatment to create more opportunities for industry professionals to provide better quality water to more people.


Emerging Contaminants
Research to aid or support implementation of technologies to provide cost effective options for emerging contaminants.


WQRF research grants are awarded through a competitive process. Proposals will be mainly evaluated based on value by rating the potential (positive) impact of the research compared to the cost. The researcher’s credibility, previous experience, qualifications and publications will also be taken into consideration. Additional factors will be considered where applicable.


Proposals will be accepted from November 15 – February 15. A total of up to $50,000 has been made available for 2017. Any follow up questions will be directed to applicants in April and May with the final notice of grant awards to be announced on or before October 15.