• Accelerated. Developed by top learning design experts to educate water treatment professionals faster than either on-the-job training or book learning alone can.

  • Manageable. Delivered in “bite-sized” courses that can be easily integrated into the daily routine of full-time workers.

  • Practical. Built to maximize job performance through a combination of reading and doing.

  • Portable. With coursework and supporting materials that are accessible via the Internet anytime and from anywhere.

  • Inclusive. With training plans for professionals at every level, regardless of whether they are also pursuing certification.

  • Path-Oriented. With specific educational pathways for non-technical staff, sales & marketing personnel, installers, service technicians and system designers.   

Who should use the MEP?

  • New hires 

  • Non-technical support staff

  • Sales & marketing 

  • Installers & service

Enroll & Get Started with the MEP in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Determine education and training goals. If your goal is to improve knowledge and skills, consider working step-wise through the individual modules, beginning with the Basics. If your goal is to get certified, select the learning path that matches the desired certification title. To prepare for Master level certification, select the appropriate individual certificate, Advanced-Design or Advanced-Service. 

  2. Designate the learners, mentor, and the group administrator. See the users manuals and About the Mentor's Role for more information on mentors and administrators. Download the Mentor and Supplies Worksheet for guidance on recommended mentor experience for the various education modules.

  3. Complete the enrollment form.

  4. Receive login information via email. Begin learning! [Note: If using a desktop or laptop computer, check that the appropriate browser is installed; Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 11.]

**MEP Completion is a prerequisite for WQA Professional Certification. Certification requires completing the MEP and passing the appropriate certification exam

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NOTE: For best results, the following internet speeds are strongly recommended.

  • Minimum bandwidth (internet speed) required: 3 Mbps Cable/DSL internet 
  • Recommended bandwidth: 6 Mbps Cable/DSL internet

MEP Curricula by Audience

Select your job role at the bottom of the graphic, then follow that role through the curricula, left to right, to find your learning path.


Learn more about the MEP


MEP pricing is per person/per certificate or per learning path. To access courses, purchase either a certificate (Basics, Fundamentals, etc.) or a learning pathway (e.g. Certified Water Specialist education). Access is available for one year from the date of purchase. 

To get certified:

Learning Path*  Full Path Accelerated   Accelerated +    Already Certified     
Certified Water-Treatment Representative (CWR) Education
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Sales Modules)
$300  $250 $225 $150
Certified Water Specialist (CWS) Education
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Design Modules)
$350  $300  $275  $175
Certified Installer (CI) Education
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Installation Modules)
$350  $300 $275  $175 
Certified Service Technician (CST) Education
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Service Modules)
$350  $300 $275  $175 
Certified Cooler Technician (CCT) Education
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Cooler Tech Modules)

*All prices are WQA Member level. WQA Member pricing is a 50% discount off the nonmember price. Pricing does not include certification exams.

For more experienced personnel, accelerated paths through the MEP are available. Take this short survey to see if you are eligible for the accelerated paths for experienced personnel. Successful completion of the Basics Assessment test is required for all accelerated paths. If you are eligible, complete the recommendation form and return to WQA with your enrollment form. The estimated time saved for the accelerated paths is about 19 hours for Accelerated, 24 hours for Accelerated Plus, and 30 hours for the Already Certified (AC) paths. 

To improve knowledge and skills:
Individual Certificates WQA Member Nonmember
Basics $100 $200
Fundamentals $125 $250
Sales $75 $150
Design $125 $250
Installation $125 $250
Service $125 $250
Advanced - Design $200 $400
Advanced - Service $200 $200

Download the enrollment form.

Download the user's manuals for