WQA Professional Certification is achieved by completing the requirements listed below.

Initial (Core Level) Certification

  1. Select the core certification title to pursue. See About WQA Professional Certification for titles and descriptions. 
  2. Take this short survey to see if you are eligible for the accelerated paths for experienced personnel. 
  3. Complete the appropriate course work in the WQA's modular education program on water treatment for the core certification selected. The coursework includes all the courses for the Basics and Fundamentals certificates in the MEP and the courses for one of the Core certificate. See Coursework Requirements for Certification below. Purchase of MEP access and coursework is required. 
  4. Pass the appropriate certification exam for the core certification title selected. Pre-registration is required for examination. Exams are available in public sessions and in private proctored sessions.

Coursework Requirements for Certification by Title:

   Basics Module Fundamentals Module Sales Module  Design Module  Installation Module  Service Module Advanced Design 
Certified Water-Treatment Representative
(CWR, formerly CSR) 



Certified Water Specialist

X  X   X       

Certified Installer



Certified Service Technician



Master Water Specialist (MWS)

   X         X 

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Multiple Core Level Certification Titles

To earn multiple titles, including Master Level Certification titles, complete the additional core module needed for that title. To learn more about education and professional certification, please contact WQA's Education Department at education@wqa.org or call us at 630-505-0160.