Regulatory Info Search (available to members only)

The Regulatory Info Search is maintained by WQA staff. This informational tool was designed to provide industry professionals access to regulatory information by establishing a network of current laws, regulations, and codes that affect the membership of the Association. Moreover, it allows WQA to keep track of regulatory changes and improve its ability to address the regulatory needs of its members. 

If you haven't already, you must sign in as a WQA member in order for the search tool to appear.

User Tips:

1. To search for regulations, enter the law, regulation, or code title in the search bar below.

2. Further narrow your search by the country/state, focus type, or sub focus type.

3. Once the search results appear, you can click on the title for a final report on the regulation.

For additional search techniques and definitions of the focus and sub focus types, click here.

If you know of a regulatory resource that's not included in this database and would like to bring it to our attention, please send an email to Kathleen Fultz, WQA regulatory & governmental affairs coordinator, at