The Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF), formerly the Water Quality Research Council (WQRC), was formed in 1949 to serve on behalf of the Water Quality Association (WQA) as a universally recognized, independent research organization. The long-term goal of WQRF is to achieve sustained growth to conduct and fund scientific research on subjects relating to the water quality improvement industry. Because of the evolving landscape of the water quality industry, research serves as powerful tool to help identify key needs and gaps within the industry. Areas of research currently being sponsored include:

  • Refuting misinformation

  • Defeating ill-conceived codes and rules

  • Proving, documenting and publicizing the benefits of water treatment

Since inception, WQRF has sponsored numerous research studies which have generated essential marketing information, positively impacted legislative change and helped decrease product testing costs.


The Foundation recently conclucded a $2,500,000 campaign to fund research over the next five years. This historic effort was entitled the Investing in Your Future Campaign.


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