The Water Quality Research Foundation recently concluded an unprecedented fundraising effort to unify the water quality industry’s corporate visionaries and thought leaders. The Campaign will fund research that will elevate the value of our organization and further solidify WQRF as a leading resource for water quality professionals and the consumers we serve.


Supporting Research and the Future of Our Industry 

This is an exciting time for the Water Quality Research Foundation, and we are pleased to share it with you. As we look to the future of our organization, we are focused on strengthening relations with the water quality industry through an enhanced program of providing more timely and effective support for research projects that will directly impact WQA members as well as the industry and public at large. Through our efforts to establish an ongoing and expanded dialogue between WQA and WQRF stakeholders to promote meaningful education and research to the industry and the consuming public, identification of key research projects is top of mind.

Based on input during a comprehensive study conducted earlier in 2014, approximately 300 industry leaders and WQA members provided feedback to identify initial "areas of interest" for research. Since then, additional inpurt has been collected from campaign partners, WQA staff, academics and researchers in order to further enhance the list of potential research projects. Currently, the key categories of interest include:

1. Final Barrier Treatment
Investigate point of use and whole house devices as a means for sustainable treatment to create more opportunities for industry professionals to provide better quality water to more people. 

2. Regulatory Affairs
Conduct research to support efforts to defeat ill-conceived codes and rules or promote technologies in highly regulated areas.

3. Emerging Contaminants
Research to aid or support implementation of technologies to provide cost effective options for emerging contaminants. 

4. International Affairs
Provide independent research support for international growth and efforts of the water treatment industry. 

5. Consumer Awareness
Increase consumer awareness of water treatment through educational and extension work, demonstrations, shows, symposia, expositions, publications and surveys. 

6. Sustainability
Investigate ways to sustain the industry, help protect the environment and aid adoption of sustainable treatment options including reuse, reclamation and other technologies for agencies or localities. 

For more information about the potential projects, click here.