WIN Mentoring Program

To embolden personal and professional growth of women professionals in water, by fostering an exchange of knowledge, experience, and advice, furthering the entire drinking water treatment industry. WQA’s WIN Mentoring Program facilitates mentoring relationships, along with the opportunity for all program participants to form an exclusive cohort, learning from one another.

Program Documents
Mentee Guide
Mentor Guide
Mentee Goals Worksheet
2020 WQA WIN Mentoring Program Tentative Timeline

Congratulations, WIN 2019 Champions

Ashley Green, EcoWater Systems
Cindy Ellis, Hague Quality Water International
Erica Sommer, SEAS Capital Partners, LLC
Jackie Donnelly, Pentair Water Purification
Jami West, C-Tech Water Solutions
Kelly Weyandt, EcoWater Systems LLC
Rebecca Plecker, Aqua Treatment Services, Inc.

2019 WIN Mentors
Amanda Moore, Atlantic Filter Corporation
Becky Tallon, A.O. Smith
Cindy Gresham, Thermax Inc.
Denise Urbans, ShedWater LLC
Frank Brigano, Marmon Water, Inc.
Mike Heatwole, Water-Right, Inc.

Women in Industry Advisory Council - April 8, 2020

A video recording of the most recent Women in Industry Advisory Council, held April 8, 2020, can be viewed here:

Women in Industry Advisory Council

About the Women in Industry Advisory Council

Women in Industry Advisory Council will help advise members and member companies on hot topics within the female workforce pool while building enthusiasm for new women to enter the industry and participate in a broader WIN network.

Join the Women in Industry Advisory Council to:

  1. Provide information and data regarding female workforce trends to member companies.
  2. Develop insights and recommendations for training and knowledge opportunities requested by the female workforce.
  3. Develop and maintain a mentoring model whereby women in the industry can gain valuable insight, make crucial industry connections and have a positive impact on the industry.
  4. Create buzz and engagement for female professionals at WQA events and participating shows.
  5. Develop a farm team of women for WQA volunteer opportunities such as task forces, committees, sections and Board of Directors.

Look for the next open Call for Volunteers in January 2021.