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The Water Quality Association has more than 2,500 company members worldwide, including approximately 600 manufacturing/supplier companies,1,700 dealers and 200 allied. WQA membership is a sound investment. By becoming a member, you gain access to a vast body of industry information, high-quality training programs, the latest tools and tactics, exposure to leading-edge thinking, and opportunities to interact and network with peers around the globe.

Consumer Alert:

WQA does not provide testing services directly to consumers, does not sell any products, and does not solicit door-to-door or over the telephone. Its members, who offer critical water technology products and services for households, businesses and industry, do not engage in scare tactics and follow a strict Code of Ethics. If you have any questions about whether someone is a WQA member or is working on behalf of WQA, please reach out at wqa@wqa.org.

Membership in WQA has been one of the best investments our firm has ever made. The access to technical knowledge, as well as the information received at the training sessions and conventions, has helped keep our business ahead of the competition."

-- Jim Steele, Jr., MWS, CI
S & G Water Conditioning Inc., Member Since 1964


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"Meaningful statistical data is crucial to our company. Without solid facts, it’s a lot of guesswork. WQA’s research studies are valuable resources – available exclusively through WQRF and my WQA membership. "

-- John Packard, MWS, CI
Culligan Water Conditioning, Member Since 1946

Top Reasons to Join WQA

  • Technical ResourceWQA supports products, people and the industry to build your business through technical services, research, and technical reports.
  • Product CertificationWQA provides certification and testing capacity through its product testing laboratory and Gold Seal Product Certification Program.
  • Professional CertificationWQA enhances your credibility and increases your expertise through training courses, E-learning, testing and the new Modular Education Program.
  • Generation of Leads: WQA connects consumers with water treatment providers through its online Find a Water Treatment Provider tool.  
  • Marketplace Protection: WQA protects the interests of the water quality improvement industry through regulatory intervention and legislative support.
  • Credibility: Water treatment companies enjoy increased credibility with consumers and regulators by upholding the WQA Code of Ethics and displaying the WQA member logo.
  • Education: WQA keeps its members informed through regular updates and alerts, industry statistics, marketing data and business resources.
  • Networking Opportunities: Industry professionals can meet and work closely alongside their peers through volunteer service on the Association's boards, special sections, committees and task forces.
  • EventsWQA strengthens your knowledge and helps bring you products to market at its annual convention and trade show, WQA Aquatech USA. WQA also organizes company pavilions at exhibitions outside the U.S. and holds an annual Mid-Year Leadership Conference for member volunteers.
  • Research and Statistics: Research studies sponsored by the Water Quality Research Foundation, help member companies to refute misinformation, defeat ill-conceived codes and rules and document the benefits of water treatment.
  • Consumer Awareness: WQA increases consumer awareness of the value and importance of water treatment through media outreach and publications.

To learn more about membership with WQA download our membership fact sheet as a PDF.

"WQA helps regulators understand the important role we play in improving water quality and the many ways this benefits the public. "

-- Bob Boerner, MWS
Culligan Water Conditioning of San Antonio, Member Since 1979