Accelerated Paths

The Water Quality Association has developed accelerated paths in order to allow experienced members to test out of the lower levels of MEP. A member is considered "experienced" based on industry experience, academic training and if they have already been professionally certified.

The flow chart below shows the different paths that a member can take based on their experience in order to be eligible for WQA's professional certification examinations.

*Assessment test will be part of the Accelerated Basics Module. The fees for the different paths vary. Please see the table below for details.

 ​ Full Path  Accelerated  Accelerated + Already Certified 

Certified Water-Treatment Representative (CWR)
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Sales Modules)


Certified Water Specialist (CWS)
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Design Modules)



Certified Installer (CI)
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Installation Modules)

Certified Service Technician (CST)
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Service Modules)

Bold = Core Member Pricing
Normal = E-Member Pricing
Italic = Non-Member Pricing
Pricing valid through 12/21/18

Certified Cooler Technician (CCT)
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Cooler Tech Modules)

All pricing is for a 1-year subscription and does NOT include exam fees