WQA-PAC mission
The WQA-PAC is a voluntary, non-partisan political action committee to promote the election of pro-industry and pro-business congressional candidates for federal office.

With an estimated $1 trillion needed for repairs and upgrades to the nation's public water systems to meet demands over the next 25 years, the water treatment and filtration industry provides financially feasible and reliable alternatives through point-of-use and point-of-entry technologies for individuals and who communities to continue protecting public health.

With about 43 million people -- 15 percent of Americans -- using drinking water from private wells not regulated by the federal safe drinking water act, the water treatment filtration industry provides expertise in water chemistry and treatment options.

With only 1 percent of water entering a home being used for consumption, the water treatment and filtration industry can focus on economically improving the water quality to the highest safety levels at the point where water is consumed.

Who can participate in the WQA-PAC?
Through WQA-PAC, the WQA members (individuals) and staff can contribute personal fund to collectively have a voice in Washington, D.C.  Contributions are non-tax deductible for federal tax purposes.

Non-Corporate Members
The WQA-PAC can ask for contributions from non-corporate business members of the WQA (e.g. business operating a sole proprietorships, businesses operating as partnerships, businesses operating as LLCs).

Incorporated Members
The WQA-PAC can ask for contributions from the management and professional personnel of incorporated business members of WQA only after the corporation has given prior approval.  Our incorporated member companies can use an online form for this purpose.

How does the WQA-PAC work?
Voluntary contributions made by WQA members are used to support candidates for federal office who understand and support pro-industry and pro-business policies.

How does the WQA-PAC help meet the industry's goals?
Government decisions impact every aspect of the water treatment industry. Federal legislation affects the way water treatment and filtration technologies are communicated, installed, operated and paid for. Sound public policy begins by supporting candidates to federal office who understand the water treatment industry and know that a  healthy, robust water treament industry translates into protecting public health and strengthening the American economy.

How are WQA-PAC contributions determined?
The WQA-PAC is governed by a PAC Board that meets throughout the year to determine the greatest opportunities for WQA-PAC engagement and support.

To find out more about the WQA-PAC and the participation guidelines, log in with your membership login here or contact Kathleen Fultz at kfultz@wqa.org or (630) 505-0609.

WQA in action