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Who are we? 
The Water Quality Association is the leading voice of the water treatment and filtration industry, devoted to treating water on the homeowner's or business-owner's property. Whether your water arrives from a community treatment plant, municipal well or other source, WQA's member companies are committed to making that water safe and aesthetically pleasing for those who consume or use it. 

We are also a resource and information source, a laboratory for product testing and an educator of professionals.

What is our mission? 
Our mission is to facilitate water quality improvement to enhance lives sustainably. 

Why become a member of WQA?
Members gain access to vast body of information, high quality training programs, the latest tools and tactics, exposure to leading-thinking, and opportunities to interact and network with peers around the globe. For more information on our membership program please click here.

Is WQA's product certification program equivalent to NSF and other certification bodies? 
Yes, WQA's gold seal product certification program is accredited by both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) making it an equivalent program. WQA's Gold Seal is recognized by both consumers and industry members and is only awarded after rigorous laboratory tests, literature review and materials assessment have been completed.

What is the importance of professional certification? 
WQA's Professional Certification Program has resulted in thousands of certified professionals working every day in homes and businesses throughout the nation. Our program is dedicated to upholding high standards of performance so that consumers have confidence in the people providing and servicing their treatment solutions. To learn more about professional certification, click here.