5 Reasons to Pursue Professional Certification

Here are some of the top reasons WQA-certified professional cite when asked why they decided to pursue the certification:

  1. To give themselves and their company a competitive advantage in the marketplace;     
  2. To increase their professional credibility and self-confidence in dealing with customers;
  3. To set an example for their colleagues and employees;
  4. To save their company time and money by reducing errors and call-backs;
  5. To have their name listed in WQA's online directory of certified professionals

Benefits of Professional Certification through WQA

Industry Professionals:  What’s in it for you?

  • Competitive advantage

  • Increased knowledge for interacting with customers

  • Greater self-confidence

  • Credibility with customers

  • Sets an example for one’s employees

  • Raises the level of professionalism of employees and the industry

  • Saves time & money by reducing errors in the field & the resulting call-backs


"What is a certified water specialist (CWS)?" video 

 —Gary Beutler, CWS, CI, The Water Store Midland Div of Beutler Enterprises Inc

"...Being certified gives us an operational edge over the competition that does not go through the certification process... The certification gives us a bit of credibility that is outside the industry..."  

Eric Smith, MWS, General Manager Cleanwater Corporation of America dba Culligan Water Conditioning 

"I do make Water Quality Association (WQA) Professional Certification mandatory. The WQA Certified Water Specialist (CWS) education program is one of the most... comprehensive ways to give someone who has never been in this industry enough knowledge to compete competently in our field."

Kelly R. Thompson, MWS, CI, President, Moti-Vitality

Testimonials from Certified Professionals

"To thrive in today's water treatment industry, you must constantly be improving your knowledge and skills. The WQA's Modular Education Program and new certification system gives my employees and me the confidence to serve our clients better. I put all of my new employees through the WQA certification program. It is the most cost-effective uniform training resource on the market today."

Greg Reyneke, MWS, Aqua Mechanical Inc.