Certified Contractual Operator for Very Small Systems

The primary purpose of the Water Quality Association Certified Contractual Operator for Very Small Systems (CCO) Program was to provide persons in the POE/POU water quality improvement industry with the education and expertise needed to serve as contractual operators for very small systems and the credentials that document their qualifications to provide operator services to such systems. 

  • Introduced in 1996
  • Based on input from AWWA, USEPA, ASDWA, ABC
  • Requirements include:
    • Completion of Small Systems Operation and Maintenance Course from California State University, Sacramento
    • Successful completion of ABC Class One Water Treatment Operator’s Examination or equivalent exam from the ABC list
    • Verified experience in water sampling, disinfection of microbiological control, chemical injection, distribution, operational services for very small water systems
  • Continuing education requirements = 30 contact hours or equivalent educational effort over 3 years, with 10 hours from very small systems-specific education 

The program is not currently offered through WQA.